Best Facebook Ads United States March 2016

It's not too late! Get your Make America Great Again hat today and join the movement to take America back from the all talk no action politicians!

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Careful what you eat! Did you know that 80% of weight-loss is what you eat and only 20% involves around exercise?

Watch: 5 Foods to Never Eat

Credible Weight-Loss Advice from a Certified Nutritionist, starting with 5 Foods to Never Eat & Why:

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Can't wait to see our 20th celebration Super Bowl spot? You don't have to! Watch it now and tell us how you plan to Train On in 2016!

#Pokemon20: Pokémon Super Bowl Commercial Celebrate 20 years of Pokémon by watching the 2016 Pokémon Super Bowl spot! Join the conversation with #Pokemon20 on Twitter,…

The Supreme Court has spoken. It's time for conservatives to act.

Add your name now!

The Supreme Court has now issued two rulings that undermine the rule of law and ignore the Constitution. Sign this open letter to lawmakers encouraging them not to sit back and allow this to continue.

It's the end of an era.

The End Is Nigh: Hugh Jackman Has Officially Received The Script For His Last X-Men Movie

After nearly two decades, the actor is ready to hang up his adamantium claws for good.

Completely alone in a tiny cement enclosure with nothing to comfort her or provide stimulation, Hanako just stands there, appearing almost lifeless — like a figurine — since there is nothing else for her to do. Give her a real life or send her to a sanctuary! Please sign & share:

Petition: Hanako the Elephant: 61 Years (and Counting) Alone in a Concrete Prison

Hanako is a 68-year-old captive Asian elephant currently living in shameful conditions at Inokashira Park Zoo in Tokyo.

Sometimes it only takes someone saying just the right thing, at just the right moment, to change a person's life forever. I was 13 years old just starting to get interested in acting when I attended a summer workshop where Jack Lemmon gave me advice that would forever change the course of my life. I hope this class will give a student just enough of a push to help them find the courage to make it happen for themselves. We're pre-enrolling for my MasterClass now! See you this spring. K????

MasterClass | Kevin Spacey Teaches Acting

The two-time Academy Award winning actor teaches his craft.